About Us


The Fox

M. Scott Hammond specializes in pen and ink, graphic/logo design, acrylic paints, and more.

You may have already seen some of Scott’s work as his art has been featured on hard goods in gift shops all over the world, with clients ranging from national parks and world famous theme parks to airport gift shops.

Scott has been a professional freelance artist since graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Illustration in 2008 from Brigham Young University.

Founding Fox & Raven Studio in Tooele has personal significance to Scott, as his ancestors were significant in shaping local history. For example, James Hammond, his great great grandfather’s name is on the plaque on the first Tooele County Court House and Town Hall which now serves as a museum to Tooele history.

Check his personal illustration instagram here

The Raven

Larissa Hammond  (aka Lari, Raven Daimon) is a writer and librarian and has a Master of Science in Library Science from the University of North Texas and a Bachelor of Arts in English from BYU, Provo. She’s worked for several public libraries in numerous capacities from technical services, to youth and adult services.

Lari does graphic and web design and makes buttons and jewelry. She recently created Raven's Buttons, some of which you can purchase here. Lari is passionate about many causes and tries many new things as an artist.

Together they have combined their talents to bring forth art and goodness into the world from their homestead in Tooele, UT.